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Not using end-to-end tests in your TDD cycle

Using end-to-end tests in your TDD cycle

A tip for faster Rails Helpers Tests

Is easier to do TDD for your dependencies after you have designed their API using mocks

Are you testing implementation details?

Use mocks to design your dependencies when using TDD with a use case approach

A guide to help you structure your test when using TDD with a use case approach.

A simple way to organize your app in use cases

How organizing your code in use cases can help you to start your projects using TDD

How and when to use mock objects with ruby and rspec

How to test that you are creating a record without using the database

How to test that an specific email was sent

How dependency injection saved me some hours of work

Slow Tests?... How to remove the database from your tests and make them fast!

The secret for Unit Testing on Rails

Writing unit tests as feature tests

A little template for testing record creation via unit test on your App

Three different ways of testing your Rails App

Clean a controller action being explicit about the business rules

Unit Tests …. ¿Que es una unidad? ¿Puedo hacer un mock de una unidad?

5 Reglas para desacoplar tu aplicación de Rails y tener pruebas realmente rápidas

Rails no es mi app…. pero ¿Que tanto debería delegar al modelo?

Fast tests for apps that use Rails (slides)

Deciding who to invite to your wedding using ruby

Testing functions with side effects in elixir (by a functional noob)

Your first feature spec

Guía para empezar a usar Git

A controller that knows less

Thinking small programs

Building simpler models, using custom PORO validators

Como hacer modelos más simples, usando validadores especializados.

Emberjs vs My frontend hacks - Actualizar Contadores

Practicar, practicar, practicar

(Refactor) Dynamic assignment with coffeescript

User-centric Routing with Devise and Rails

Your API in your Views, using Jbuilder

Objetos en javascript (bueno coffeescript)

Refactoring my old cucumber tests

Making a template handler with Markdown and ERb