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"Please help me with my n+1 problem..."

May 14, 2021, updated on July 8, 2024

You are feelling bad for asking it again… “Why active record is ignoring my includes?”.

“Is my fix right?”

Finding “a fix” can make you feel like pro, but… Does it really solves the problem? Is it elegant enough?

You know that includes can sometimes fix the problem… You are just not sure why sometimes it doesn’t.

“I know how to fix the problem!”

But what if you could? What if you knew exactly how to solve your n+1 queries problems? What if you could be the one that help others in your team?… Next week.

It’s true n+1 queries can be a pain, and they will appear… but they don’t need to appear on production.

Undestand the basics to avoid n+1 queries

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