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List of alternatives to heroku

June 22, 2021

I like heroku, it is very easy to use, but sometimes you just can’t use it…

Maybe it is too expensive for your project. Maybe you need something that it does not provide, like an integrated “S3-storage”. Maybe for some reason you are forced to run on AWS. Or maybe you prefer just a layer on top of the hosting provider.

Here you can find a list of tools/services with similar characteristics that you can check if you need find an alternative.

AWS elastic beanstalk


“AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an easy-to-use service for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, and Docker on familiar servers such as Apache, Nginx, Passenger, and IIS.”

Price: There is no additional charge for AWS Elastic Beanstalk. You pay for AWS resources. You can see more on their pricing page.

Cloud 66


“Ops Tools for Devs. Our products are like your in-house DevOps team. They take care of your uptime, scaling, and security. Just like your own team would, but with the experience of millions of deployments per day.”

Price: Price: 14.99 / server per month. You can see more on their pricing page

Digital Ocean App Platform


“Build, deploy, and scale apps quickly using a simple, fully managed solution. We’ll handle the infrastructure, app runtimes and dependencies, so that you can push code to production in just a few clicks.”

Price: Starts at $5/mo



“The smallest PaaS implementation you’ve ever seen. Dokku helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications”

Price: Free


“Deploy App Servers Close to Your Users. Run your full stack apps (and databases!) all over the world. No ops required.”

Price: Starts free. You can see more on their pricing page


“Build, deploy, and manage Rails apps. Ruby on Rails apps on your own hosting provider in minutes and without hassle.”

Price: Starts at $29 per month, deploy as many apps as you want.



“Render is a unified cloud to build and run all your apps and websites with free SSL, a global CDN, private networks and auto deploys from Git.”

Price: From $7/mo

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